I moved into Clavering St around seven years ago only to be water damaged five times by the private landlord above me, property 4u. I had no apology, compensation and the council did sweet #uck all or wrap this bastards knuckles or his relentless noise.

The woman who lived here before me demanded a move from the council, as she could no longer stand the noise above her head all day and night. Where property 4u turned a one bedroom flat into two bedroom flat so they could squeeze as much money out off those stupid enough to rent that shit hole.

In my street the front rooms look straight onto the pavement & a busy car park, so this has always been the liven room. While the room at the back, just to get away from the noise has always been the bedroom. After all in the front room is were you’ll find the TV aerial socket which has always been an indication as to being a liven room.

Property 4u on the other hand have turned both their front and back rooms into bedrooms, while doubling the back room with their noise TV, making it a bedroom/ liven room & my nightmare caused by their noise.

This same guy has never cleaned the close, brushed the stairs, hardly ever taken out the bins or even cut the grass. All of which has been left to the council tenants and mostly me to maintain. Though I have health problems. I’ve managed to take out everyone’s bins while weeding the back garden with little or no help to the point I no longer take other peoples bins out.

Only last week the bins where left un emptied and overfilled to the point nappies and all manners was left scattered around. So It was I “MUGGINS” who cleaned up everyone else’s mess, though another council tenant did take out the bins.

On June 27th Property 4u dumped a couch out the back gardened, where I had to bawl and shout at them for throwing their cousins out of the window above me. Which bounced off the fucking scaffolding and against my window. Then as expected, they #ucked off and left we the council tenants with their on going mess.
Meers a PPi company who’ve littered the west end with scaffolding finally got round to contacting the people in my building to check the gas vents, as their about to start work on our roof the other day. Only for Property 4u on July 31st to dump yet another peace of crap on what has already been their a month and over the very scaffolding poles to be used to carry out the work.

What’s worse I caught the two Polish guys chucking it out and told them, “You have to call the council when dumping shit in the back garden and not just f#### leave it their.”

So It seems the Pakistani Property 4u landlord is hiring Polish people to do his dirty work while its we Scots who're left with their miss to clear up. This is why I demand a NO EU VOTE to take our country, its property and kick all these practices out.
Well today August 1st 2014 8.30am I was awakened to upstairs banging only to find the back garden filled with all manners of worthless tat. I mean look at these photos and this private landlords furniture. It’s nothing but cheap garbage you’ll pay through the nose to rent of this parasite.

A friend in the know once pointed out to me when he said, You know Davie these landlord will furnish a flat for less than £200, its all cheep shit that should be in the trash. Now its right under my window along with the shit that’s been their since June 27th 2014 and its now August 1st.

We’ll today I had to go to the chemist only to return to find my bin which could easily sit out their for six weeks as I hardly create much waste. Was now filled with property 4u last tenants garbage as his mail and name was part of that trash.
So only last week did I personally cleaned other peoples trash, scooping up dirty nappies with my wee shovel. Come home unwell to find black and other bags all around the dustbins since Property 4u cleaners hand dumped one lot of shit from their shitty flat to right under my bedroom window.

So come Wednesday when the black bins go out, who will be taking out all of their mess or call the council to pick up all of their cheap furniture crap.

Not f### P4U that’s for sure.

So Folks, here’s yet another of many reason why Scotland has to vote YES while demanding a NO EU vote.
Plus we should take back everything Thatcher and the Tories sold off to all these private foreign landlords who treat our country like a shit hole, to which I call RACIST!

By the way I wonder if “” the private cleaners P4U hired are the same ones dumping all their shit down Inkerman farm?


cameronissim is freedom and freedom of speech keeps the tyrants at bay while political correctness is racist towards the free speaking Scotland who died for everyone else rights who now treat Scotland like shit. NOW THAT'S RACIST.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The new flats across the street have all been done.
At the bottom of the street is being done.
No9 & No7 are stil to be done.
Grass grows wild at the top of my building.
The gutters pushing dangerously away from the back landing window.
The top landings years of water damage.
Totaly rotten and in need of repair.
A big chunk fell out from here and couls have landed on someone below.
The flat on the left has had years of problems in the past & Its council.
Looks a bit like a lasagne skin topping.
The landing below and Property4u private flat hell hole.
The landing with the young mother and wet flooring which can get worse tthis.
The water falls from the gutter onto the gas outlet pipe in my kitchen.
The makeshift covers to protect the silver boxes from blowing out my gas boiler
The fence was damaged by years of junkies kicking in the planks.
The damaged fence had metal brackets fitted and this its weakness.
The weakness latter caused the fence to fall down.
Long before moving into Clavering street in the west of Paisley. I noticed how run own parts of it was and how it was awash with a sea of junkies and dug dealers, to which it took five years to get out. The fires, the crime, the policing must have cost a small fortune while homes to this day remain burnt out. While decent people who endured those years of carnage now face the bedroom tax while the smack heads still get their £36 million a year free methadone.

Other problems to hit our street where the years of decay and neglect to the back fences some of which were kick down by the hoards of junkies searching out their dealers. One of which was mine helped over when past stallholders leaned their poles on the fence that caused it to fell down. They repaired it by using two metal sockets to fix the fence back up, which its since fallen back down right at the two metal sockets tress points of their making.

The plant life around the street was something else as it filled the gutters to the point, water would back up and it eventually damage the pointing in the brick work as well as find its way into the buildings.

My close is no exception as those who once lived on the top floor had years of water damage problems, all because the outside gutter above the top landing window was left to this day un repaired.

You may also notice how the council is bragging about new kitchens and modernizations. Though it took nearly a month for them to fix the blown out close lights and the security doors in my building.

One young new mother was told when she complained over and over like others in the close. Because you have 2 private flats in a close of 8 tenants it may take longer to fix.

So a mother carrying a baby up a pitch dark close with the stairs always damp through condensation, was expected not to fall down and break her or her child's necks because two people refused to pay for maintenance.

Property 4u a Pakistani company whose already water damaged my council home five times with no compensation, apology or the council taking the bastard to court has more rights than the rest of us when it comes to health and safety in our country.

“I’ve always said, straight off the boat, hands deep into your pocket, take what you want and play the race card when you don’t get your own fucking way.”

I say this in anger since I was also just told now the council have finally gotten round to repairing the gutters in Clavering street. WE WILL NOT BE HAVING OURS FIXEX BECAUSE THE SAME TWO PRIVATE LANDLORDS ARE REFUSING TO PAY.

After all the second landlord use to house a drug dealer to which she was busted out. Another tenant could not wait to get out because he had a fucking big hole In his the ceiling. Even now its suspected his new tenant is a drug addict. Why should he care about a new mum and the rest of us in a building he doesn’t live in. Hell I’ve never seen these people take out the bins, wash the close or cut the fucking grass. Its we council tenant who do all of that!

So the gutter above the landing window that’s long been coming away from the wall is not a health and safety, mandatory reason to fix it. Or the water not running into the gutter because it’s to far away from the wall. Which is falling straight down the building and landing on my gas boiler carbon monoxide outlet pipe also isn’t a priority to have it mandatory fixed.

I only say this as it wasn’t that long ago water came in through the pipe and found its way through the boiler and dripped on two capacitor type things and blew out all my lights. The capacitors had to be replaced and a makeshift fix using old parts of the blown capacitor covers where placed over the new ones to prevent water splashing onto them once more


The damage being allowed to our Scottish council owned homes simply because of rules where those who own their homes are forced to pay maintenance costs are in fact damaging the life’s and property of council tenants.

So two private landlord one of which is foreign have more right that the 5 Scots and one Polish family who live in this building. Simply because they refuse to pay maintained costs to a building that has long before I moved it. Been allowed to fall around our fucking heads.

Oh yes fall around our heads as it wasn’t that long ago a big bit of plaster fell from the rotting water damaged ceiling on the top floor onto the landing window. I spotted plaster down stairs and when I videoed the evidence I say a chunk of plaster sitting on the half open glass window set to fall on someone’s fucking head.

But who cares we’re multicultural when its suits people, but as a country we Scots are being screwed up the arse by parasites who buy and sell out countries homes, while leaving them to rot and they race in the junkie rent money. As they don’t give a shit what their tenants do since they have no intentions to fucking fix up the property anyway.

If I’m not mistake, wasn’t their a law where the majority who said yes to repairs being done meant maintained had to be carried out.

6 concatenates I bet would say yes over the two or don’t we have a fucking say!

I would take back ever council flat sold to foreign landlords and kick them all out penniless as what their doing to our country is racist and rotting to the brickwork!


By the way the council told me another squad would be responsible for the fences. Any money we won’t see ours being fixed any time soon. Anyway. who cares about a daft fence when you don’t give a shit about fixing the ceiling or gutters or if someones gas boiler is compromised.

It would have been a few quid to fix the gutters and now look at the damage the water has cost. The law should change, fix it and stop damaging Scottish homes ya bastards!

We bail out the world while we live in the gutter

Preview poem

Straight of the boat, straight in the country. hands deep into your pock.
They’ll get what they want, they’ll take what they want because you’re their fucking joker.

We’re but a dumping ground for human nuclear waste.
We’re seen as saps dumb by their fluoride taste.
You have no right or say as your votes just a sham.
To pretend your important in the eyes of the man.

There’s never a crisis were not drag into.
There’s always a war paid by the likes of you.
When ever there’s a heart string we’ll buy its tail
But our own peoples sorrow can starve and wale.

It’s all falling down around our sorrowed heads.
But the flotsam keeps coming they need to be feed.
But they brought about their own miseries and woes.
Yet no one gives a shit about our poverty London imposed.

They tore down their cites and bombed their own homes.
They beg for a hand out we should to fight for their cause.
They do cry we are bastards for not helping their leaders
Yet its we who are poor bleed dry by these fucking bleeders.

When will our time come our fight to be free.
Who will stand by our side to be rid of this queen.
Will the borders swing open with their men warring guns.
A don’t think so, as no one cares about Scotland burdens.

Yet we’ll find the cash to bail the miseries of others.
The politicians will brag how we’re all but bothers.
But nothing will change for we the poor seen as nutter.
After all this poem was written inspired for the lack of a gutter

Download this free poem link

This poem was inspired by the Renfrewshire council, who’ve long neglected to repair the top landing and gutter damage to my buildings. Yet they now brag about bring Syrian refugees from across the world to Scotland. Into a country that’s been taxed to death while London has imposed an unfair bedroom tax on my peoples people. Yet this council can’t pay for repairs to my building, but will house and pay for another nations people who’ve already bombed the shit out of their own country and somehow this is fair.

Clavering St Drug crime arson attacks and vandalism videos.